The Trouble with Modern CRM
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is one of the most important processes in the business world and can easily make or break a deal or partnership between two parties. CRM is a cross-functional strategic process that is used by businesses to develop and manage interactions with their current and potential customers. Many businesses depend on effective CRM in order to keep customers satisfied and to ultimately secure the continuing of business with those customers. However, today’s CRM software is often flawed, with problems such as needless complications, difficulty of use, and poor user interface becoming more and more common. Here’s a look at some of the most prominent problems regarding modern day CRM.
CRM can be overly complicated
If you take a look at many CRM programs available today, you may notice that a good number of them are needlessly complicated. CRM is designed for busy people with busy schedules, such as sales representatives. These types of individuals spend a good amount of time traveling from place to place and attending multiple meetings with customers on any given work day. The last thing someone like this wants is to be taking far too much time to organize their next meeting or figure out who they should be calling next. Oftentimes, there is simply not enough time to be fussing with an overly-complicated CRM system. In the world of business, simplicity is very much a key to success; unfortunately, many CRM programs today are lacking in this department.
Extensive training
With an overly-complicated CRM system comes the need to have employees trained on that system. The more complicated the system is, the more hours your business is going to have to dedicate to that training. Any company that requires salespeople to be in the field knows that time is valuable, and that the loss of a few hours can easily mean the difference between success and a missed opportunity. This is why a longer training period for a complicated CRM program can be detrimental to successfully meet your bottom line.
Continuous maintenance
Many CRM systems today require constant maintenance and updating in order to continue to function properly. This is just another way these systems are burdening the companies that use them. A CRM system needs to be constantly accessible with minimal time spent updating its features. The more complex a CRM program, the more likely it is to malfunction, creating unnecessary downtime for whoever is using it. Downtime is not something that individuals such as sales professionals can always afford, so it’s going to be much more beneficial to use a CRM system that is simple in its design and functions.
Integration difficulties
Complicated CRM programs can be difficult to integrate with other information management systems, and therefore can further complicate the daily duties of those using them. A CRM system that is not entirely compatible with other management tools is going to perform poorly and eventually become more of a burden rather than a useful tool.
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